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Top 5 Tips when Changing to Robotic Process Automation

When you take the time to consider the impact of your intelligent automation on your Chart of Accounts, you potentially finish with a higher probability of a favorable outcome. Colin uses various design methods based on a +13 years of experience, dating back to SAP script, SAP smart forms. And has earned a $220K - technical mismatch (MIS, Accounting, Finance) working with various ERP systems tearing them down, designing from scratch, and or both.

1. Understand the robotic process will generate slack in an employees’ day. Do you have a plan to recapture value in the production differential? Do you know how to measure it?
2. Think beyond the process. People are learning the tools on the job because of the lack of experience in the market place in decision designing
• IaaS
• PaaS
• SaaS
3. Few people have seen SAP script. Handling your historical ERP system can become a challenge. GDPR SDLC changes the project management of robotic process automation implementation. Remember data is being processed through the front like legacy Shadow IT. Is your data secure? Is your business process held in confidence?
4. IBM CLM SAFe® for robotic process automation. Your team may require a new vocabulary and time to become use to the new tools. Underestimating this time could create budget overrun.
5. There’s an opportunity during the digital transformations. Process re-engineering: allows you to perform data cleansing. Data Analytics: Most people in many businesses are not Expert Excel Application Developers. Welcome to Machine Learning: you can use predictive analytics analyze robotic processes during the engage, conversion, and fulfillment of the business process. New models: robotic process automation tools are OPEx.

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Monmouth University
West Long Branch, New Jersey, United States
Bachelor's of Science, 2003
B.S. Business Admin (MIS, Accounting, Finance, Adv. Analytics)
1999 To 2003