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Bruce Fischer
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I have been in Information Technology for over 30 years, working in pre-sales, post-sales, development and support.
I began as an MVS System Programmer at BCBS of North Dakota working on an IBM 4381 MVS/SP.  I worked in this area for about 12 years and then moved to Musicland for a few years as a manager of Technical Support and then into a Director of Information Technology.

After leaving Musicland I worked at a startup company named Mainware as an assembler programmer. We were a very small shop developing z/OS applications. Working for a small company was a great opportunity. Mainware was acquired by Princeton Softech.

I worked for Princeton Softech (PST) for 10 years working with data governance products, Optim Test Data Management, Data Privacy and Data Archiving. I wore a lot of hats at PST, Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Development and Support.

 IBM acquired Princeton Softech in 2007. I continued to work in the data governance area until December 2014 when I left IBM to work for an IBM Business Partner providing implementation services for Optim products.

 I returned to IBM in October 2015 in the Cloud Data Services (CDS) area. I am new to Cloud Data Services and Big Data but have been doing enablement for the past few months. My goal is to get customer facing.

In October 2016 I left IBM again, and got back to what I really enjoy. IBM Business Partner and working with customers in all aspects of IBM InfoSphere Optim.
I am very familiar with relational database technology, distributed environments and z/OS. 

 I have a lot of experience with z/OS and Distributed platforms, Relational Databases, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.