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Jobs for Felons: The Ultimate list of Companies that Hire Ex-offenders and Felons Companies that Hire Felons The most important thing that ex-offenders and felons need to successfully re-enter society is gainful employment. Without adequate means to sustain oneself, the newly released felon will find himself once again behind bars. There is good news. There are companies that understand that hiring qualified people even though they may have criminal records is good for business. There may be incentives like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC,) but the opportunity to hire a good employee is what every business looks for. There is still more good news. Currently, this country is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in many years. Because of this, many employers are looking at people with criminal records and an untapped source of qualified labor. So many people who have been overlooked in the past, are now getting the opportunity to complete for not just jobs but careers. We offer an extensive list of companies that have employed ex-offenders and felons in the past or have expressed a willingness to hire qualified people who happen to have criminal backgrounds. They are felon friendly employers. Second Chance Jobs for Felons The Fair Chance Pledge In the past, people with criminal records have been routinely excluded from opportunities not only in employment but also in higher education. There are employers and institutions of higher learning that have pledged to give ex-offenders and felons equal opportunity when apply to colleges and jobs. This list includes these employers and colleges. To better understand the Fair Chance Pledge read more. Jobs for Felons in Your Area Included on our page is a job board that is maintained by Ziprecruiter who is an industry leader in online recruitment. There you can search for open jobs in your area. We cannot guarantee that the all of the employers on the job board will hire felons, but we encourage everyone to apply for every job they feel qualified for. Other Resources For Felons Looking for Jobs In addition to our online resources for felons. We offer the premier felon job search manual that has helped thousands of ex-offenders and felons get jobs, From Jail to a Job. You can read more about the author of this powerful manual, Eric Mayo, here. In addition to our other diversity resources, we offer youtube videos that give ex-offenders and felons great job search tips and strategies that can help them get hired. Take a look at our Youtube channel at the Job Guy's Channel Believe Publications P.O. Box 1671 Pleasantville, NJ Companies Hire Felons | Companies That Hire Felons | Companies That Hire Ex-offenders | Employers That Hire Ex-offenders | Employers That Hire Felons | Jobs For Felons | Jobs For Ex-offenders | Jobs That Hire Felons | Resumes for Felons | Felon Friendly Jobs | Felon Friendly Employers | Jobs for Felons | Jobs For People That Have Felonies | Jobs For People With A Criminal Record | Resources for Felons


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