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I found an interest in random data generation in college when I had created a system to produce random data to assist the development and testing of a large user system. The processor would use an AI to build meaningful and realistic user objects to populate a database with data that was random but also useful.

Since then I have done very little work in the area of artificial intelligence and random data generation. The most recent piece of work I have done is a random username generator. This was something that was initially built for online gaming accounts but I then saw the advantage of making it far more generic.

The system is fairly simple. Users who are creating new online profiles will need to provide a username. Sometimes people have something they always use, other times they want something new and have a hard time coming up with something to register their account with. This is where the random username generator comes into play. There is a large database of seed words that cane be used to produce useful words that seem like they are actual username suggestions.

The database has been designed in such a way that it allows me to build themed generators too. I have already built a few others that are branched from the same system that offer specific usernames for things like the Xbox live gamertag system or for popular games like Minecraft.

The system is live now and the quality of the usernames appear to be consistently good. Over time, as I provide more seed data the number of total usernames that can be generated will rise a lot. It will get more difficult to ensure the quality of the data that is produced. For now at least, the testing process has been quite easy.

The filters I have added that allow to themed names like fantasy, sci fi etc are working as intended but I had difficulty constructing the language around this so that the words fit the filters theme while also being meaningful and useful for the end user.

So far the traffic to this page has been quite good which would suggest the data being generated is useful for users when creating new online accounts. If demand for this continues to grow, I will begin to produce more and more random name generators and may also consider some other options for more complex data generation.