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I'm Melvin and I’m an entrepreneur based in Virginia. To my colleagues, friends, and family, I’m known for being their “go-to guy” for their online marketing needs. When I’m not marketing online, I’m shopping for gadgets, clothes, food, and I’m checking out products or services that I value and interest me.

I created a lifestyle website,, for guys who are like me. You like like shopping, but you don’t want to take the time to do it, and it can be a difficult task for someone else to shop for you (Thank God For The Internet!).

So why not have a website that guys can visit and get reviews on some of the subjects we love like: technology, fitness, food, gear, drinks, and personal care. Here, you or someone shopping for you can find articles, reviews on the latest monthly subscription boxes, products, and services for men.

There are so many websites that provide reviews on different products and services, but you don’t know if they’re coming from a legit source. They claim to write unbiased reviews, but they never show their faces, nor do you ever see them with the product. I don’t trust these shady tactics and nor should you.

Product and service reviews can be a gift and a curse. The gift is, if it’s genuinely an unbiased review, then it’ll help a consumer to make a more informed decision about their future purchase. On the flip side of that, the curse, online reviews can be exaggerated, untrue/fake, and biased.

At The UIPlanet, I desire to add a personal touch to each of my product reviews as I share them with you. I’ll do my best to leave out all of the fluff and boring stuff that you don’t need to know.

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