Burt Vialpando

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Embedded Analytics Architect and Executive IT Specialist at IBM, Burt Vialpando holds multiple patents and is an IBM plateau level 2 inventor. His current focus is as an architect in recruitment of new business partners who want to utilize any of the IBM Cloud, analytics, and Watson Platform technologies into their own offerings and solutions. Burt has earned many Acclaim Badges in the cloud and analytics technologies, and owns at least 21 technical certifications in Oracle, Db2 and related technologies. He is also a skilled practitioner of the DataFirst Method, utilizing it successfully in net-new recruit engagements.

Burt has authored or co-authored 10 Proof of Technologies and/or workshops and has personally delivered these hundreds of times to thousands of DBAs, architects, and executive decision makers. He is an IBM IT Senior Certified Thought Leader, is certified as a Distinguished IT Specialist by The Open Group and is a member of the certification board and has mentored over 35 IBMers to better their careers. He has authored or co-authored numerous articles, papers, tutorials, and books, and is a recognized speaker in many venues.

Burt has architected solutions for customers utilizing cloud (SaaS / PaaS) analytics technologies like Watson Analytics, Watson APIs, Information Integration on Cloud, Data Science Experience, and Compose databases. He has also provided and on-premises / hybrid cloud technology solutions using Db2 and related tooling, Watson Explorer, and Cognos Analytics. He is also able to architect solutions using Cloudant, Data Connect, SPSS, and more.

An IT professional since 1984, Burt joined IBM in May 1998 as part of an IBM Global Services outsourcing while working on a large data warehouse migration between Db2 on OS/390 & Oracle on Solaris. His professional IT experience includes new development & maintenance work on many hardware platforms & operating systems in both technical and managerial levels for various Fortune 100 companies.