Marketing and Commerce Community - Watson Marketing group FAQs

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    Posted Tue July 17, 2018 04:53 PM
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    Welcome to the Watson Marketing interest group in the IBM Marketing and Commerce online community! This forum post answers your common questions about the community, the interest group, and more. Visit this post, and share with us new questions or what you would like to see from this community.

    Q: What is the IBM Marketing and Commerce online community?
    A: This a space where marketing, online commerce, digital experience, and order management practitioners using IBM Watson Marketing and IBM Watson Commerce products and services can come together to solve common challenges, share ideas and best practices, and do more with the capabilities and innovations your organization has purchased on your behalf.

    Q:  What is a "Group" and how is it different from the online community?
    A: A group is a specific interest area within the community where practitioners can come together around a particular topic area. We launched the Marketing and Communications community with 4 specific interest areas, or groups, to get us started: Watson Marketing, Digital Experience, Omnichannel Commerce, and Order Management and Fulfillment. Over time, based on your feedback, we'll decide if we need to split, add, merge or eliminate groups.

    Jacques Pavlenyi