Mr. Manoj Panda, Sr. DevOps Consultant , SAFe Program Consultant


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- An IT professional with over 23 years of experience in DevOps, Agile, SAFe, Watson-IoT, Project Management, Configuration Management, Build Management, Release Management & Testing Automation.
- Comprehensive understanding and implementation of DevOps Architect & Solution, Agile/SAFe in various projects
- Have been exposed to handling the Build & Release Management, Testing & Quality Assurance activities in Storage, Retail, Healthcare and Financial Business Domain.
- Have been exposed to handling Release Management for large sized complex multiple products at the same time.
- Experience of handling Release Management of multiple products with team size ranging around 30 people.
- Have handled the release of patches numbering up to 210 a year and which can support more than 15 operating systems.
- Adept in selecting/building strong teams for ensuring successful release management of products.
- Strong experience of Risk, Scope, Change, Quality, Time, and Communication Management.
- Handled inter and intra organization communications with groups/teams spread across multi-geographic locations.
- Experienced in project and product release estimation, delivery management, resource planning, process definition, auditing and product roll out through support and maintenance.
- Exposed to client interaction with over 4 years of onsite experience at various client locations in USA & UK.

DevOps Solution Architect
SAFe 4.0
Agile (SCRUM)
Configuration Management;
Build & Release Management;
Project Management;
Quality Management.