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Configuring Maximo-BIM in Middleware

  • 1.  Configuring Maximo-BIM in Middleware

    Posted Wed August 19, 2020 12:33 AM
    We are configuring Maximo-BIM for our project and need some help.

    Standard Approach: The Forge-viewer plug-in helps us to visualize the 3D models in Maximo. We will directly configure the auto desk cloud URL for the 3D viewer by setting few system properties (like = and import the SSL certificate for this in the WebSphere Cell Trust Store.

    Issue: Our client has a limitation that they cannot directly connect to the cloud services. This being the case, I would like to know if there is any way we can configure the above to work with middleware.

    Is it feasible to configure the 3D viewer functionality with middleware in place ?

    keshav ravindran

  • 2.  RE: Configuring Maximo-BIM in Middleware

    Posted Thu August 20, 2020 08:26 AM
    Importing SSL certificates is a pretty standard exercise for a cloud provider and I would imagine would be covered under their normal agreement. The client may not have access to do it themselves, but they should be able to request the vendor add the SSL certificates. We do it all the time for clients in our cloud. I'm not aware of a way to avoid this.

    I would recommend having them retrieve the certificate instead of providing them the CER file. Retrieving will bring in the signer instead of the actual certificate which is advantageous as certificates in a cloud scenario are subject to be reissued/changed at a high rate and you don't want the integration to break when that occurs.

    Steven Shull
    Director of Development
    Projetech Inc
    Cincinnati OH