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Suggestion on sample custom app include in add on

  • 1.  Suggestion on sample custom app include in add on

    Posted Fri August 21, 2020 12:19 PM

    First of all, I am very new to Maximo add on development. So far I have been successful in creating applications using the GUI, add classes in maximo and so on.

     We recently started looking at this  

    After completing these many tasks as explained in this article

    $ npm install maximodev-cli -g

    $ maximodev-cli create addon

    $ cd bpaa_myproduct

    $ maximodev-cli create sample-classic-app

    $ maximodev-cli build

    $ maximodev-cli deploy

    We have our own Music Application created. But when we started it for our application for e.g.

    $maximodev-cli create sample-test-app

    it would put C:\windows\system32>maximodev-cli create sample-test-app

    Invalid command: sample-test-app

    can anyone give a suggestion to add application changes present in presentation xml , system xmls like sig option , menu etc  to package in add on 

    Thank you 

    Bala Chendrayudu