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Fire External API on WorkOrder Status change

  • 1.  Fire External API on WorkOrder Status change

    Posted Wed June 30, 2021 06:03 AM
    I need to fire a REST API Call from inside Maximo when a WorkOrder status is updated.

    something like https://myDomain/rest/status.php?_usr=Me&wonum=WONUM&status=STATUS&_action=PUT

    I dont need to listen for a response.

    Many thanks

    Tony McManus

  • 2.  RE: Fire External API on WorkOrder Status change

    Posted Wed June 30, 2021 11:27 AM
    Edited by Appu Nair Wed June 30, 2021 11:29 AM
    I interpreted this as an integration question. If it is not then don't read through the reply. There are ways you can call REST from the maximo GUI using simpler methods like Automation Scripts.

    I am wondering if you had the chance to look(Play) with the MIF. When I started out I start at the MXXML endpoint which delivered files when Objects of interest changed
    In a Nutshell, you should be interpreting the Menu of Integration like that ObjectStructure, So for e.g, you will need an OS for WO if it does not exist or suffice your needs.I use MXWO so I know it will generate a change event. Second, you need a Publish Channel in that you will point to the first step and enable the listener. While on that screen you want to think like is the data to my real external system consumable the way Maximo spits out. If you need the XML modified this screen gives you those abilities(XSL or UserExit or AS).
    Having done that now you need an External system and a Handler. The Handler is what is responsible for your REST call. Here in frustrations starts as it can only be done trial and error as many real REST systems require your JSON to go with the right things but IBM has given you a testing interface.I would use HTTP and try if there is already an existing integration and make sure you run debug on integration so you can see the out messages. Now you need to attach your PublishChannel and the endpoint and make the External system active. The external system relies on the JMSSEQConsumer cron task so you need that to run in a good fashion(30 S while you test or so on). So with all that do make a change to the WO and look to see if outbound communication occurred.If not look in message reprocessing until you have all hiccups cleared.
    similar to your task  if you put a class file or AS to trap the return you can do what you want or leave it empty as you said you don't need to wait for it to work successfully or not.
    Hope that helps

    Appu Nair