Maximo Integration

  • 1.  Creating your own ui control

    Posted Tue August 11, 2020 10:09 AM
    We had a requirement to show an external application page and since our attempts of doing anything with iframes failed
    we used this approach
    The page is working well and it satisfies the requirements. However the way I built this leads me to ask these questions.
    • I edited \maximo\applications\maximo\properties\component-registry.xml
    • I edited control-registry.xml
    • I created my own jsp .
    • I rebuilt the ear file.

    This works in the Development system. If I have to make this work in QA and Prod I have to do these manual steps.
    Is there logic in Maximo to provide override files. I guess it may.

    However, the link in google goes to a non-working IBM system of yesteryears.

    Appu Nair

  • 2.  RE: Creating your own ui control

    Posted Wed August 12, 2020 10:51 AM
    This is a great article which I used that will satisfy the requirement of adding the control without changing the IBM files as in the first article

    Appu Nair