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HTTP calls via Oracle PL/SQL (UTL_HTTP package)

  • 1.  HTTP calls via Oracle PL/SQL (UTL_HTTP package)

    Posted Wed September 15, 2021 12:41 AM
    Edited by User1971 Wed September 15, 2021 02:58 PM

    I thought I'd share a mechanism that some people might not know about:

    There is a package in Oracle called UTL_HTTP that lets you make HTTP calls from PL/SQL.
    UTL_HTTP and SSL (HTTPS) using Oracle Wallets

    I haven't had the luxury of using it myself. But I've heard lots about it from colleagues.

    I thought some people here might like to know about it as a possible last resort integration method.
    Maximo seems very powerful when it comes to integration. So maybe UTL_HTTP would never be needed on the Maximo side of an integration. But I wondered if it could be an option for integrating from an external system -to- Maximo. For instance, if the external system was missing some functionality in it's REST API. Maybe UTL_HTTP could be used as a last resort to send an HTTP request from the external system to Maximo. That's somewhat outside my expertise though.

    I just found that concept neat and thought others might too. Has anyone here used it?