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  • 1.  Refresh changes in lookup data

    IBM Select
    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 03:27 PM

    Hi everyone, 
    I'm new to this forum and are hoping that someone here maybe has the same experience as me or might have a solution for my issue. 

    For our client that are currently using Anywhere 7.6.4, I am having difficulties downloading only the changes in the lookup data. More specifically when i hit the "changes" button the app downloads everything instead of just the changes. I have attached a console and network log that starts from the moment i press the "changes" button and stops about 15 seconds into downloading the whole lookup data (stopped manually by me). 

    I can also add that sometimes when trying to only download the changes I have experienced an error stating that the additionalitem resource can not be downloaded with database error 209 (BMXAA4210E). However this only happens when trying to download the changes and not when pressing "all". I had the same issue with other resources, but was able to bypass some of them by adding a custom query base to the resource in the Anywhere Administration application in Maximo, or comment out the resource in the app.xml (for instance domainCalDynamcUnit and meterCharacteristics). 

    I found a similar case in the IBM support page (IJ06814:Anywhere OSLC Delta issue and SQL server Rowstamp), but it was regarding Anywhere so i suspect this particular issue has already been fixed. 

    Any help would be much appreciated. 

    Sindre Møller


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    Posted Wed January 20, 2021 11:18 AM
    So I'm not sure if your running into the same issue that I've identified with IBM last year. There is no fix currently for it and its currently in the development queue.

    What appears to be happening is that after the first and second lookup downloads are always full. After that it appears to handle the delta changes only.

    APAR IJ29445 - Maximo Anywhere - After doing an initial load and doing a lookup for deltas - changes - a full lookup appears to be done. (only the first time after a first lookup). This was reported in November 2020.

    Ryan Medernach
    Application Support
    MEG Energy
    Calgary AB

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    IBM Select
    Posted Tue January 26, 2021 12:12 PM

    Thank you for your reply Ryan.

    I believe I have similar experience with the SR app as you are describing. The first time i try to download the delta it performs a full download of the locations (but delta on the assets), however after the first attempt it seems to download the delta correctly. What I also noticed is that I have to specify a custom query base for the priorityDomain resource in Anywhere Administration in order to download the delta. If I keep that query base blank I receive the same database error (209) that I am struggling with in the Technician app. I am therefore suspecting that it is required to have a custom query base on each resource in order to download delta lookup data. 

    Unfortunately I have not been able to complete a delta download in the Technician app yet. I have tested several different scenarios which results differently when trying to download the delta. In all occasions I have first downloaded the full lookup data:

    1. When keeping the custom query base on additionalasset, additionallocation, additionalitem and additionalinventory I receive the mentioned database error 209 (BMXAA4210E) on other resources (domainCalDynamcUnit, vendor and additionaltool ). I have been able to to bypass this error by adding a custom query base in the Anywhere Administration.

      However I have not been able to find a query base that is accepted for meterCharacteristics, though I am unsure what domain it is referring to in Maximo and the app.xml only provides the name "getCharacteristics" from the additional resource section. Does anybody have suggestions to a query base that could be used for that resource? I am able to bypass this resource by commenting out the domain in the app.xml, but that will not be a viable solution since I want to be able to use the meter functionality in the app. When bypassing the meterCharacteristics resource I hit the same problem with the 

    2. When removing the custom query base on additionalitem I do not receive the mentioned errors on any of the other resources when trying to download the delta. However the app then downloads the full lookup data over and over again when using the "Changes" button (tried six times). 

    In general; Does anybody know what could cause these issues when trying to download the delta lookup data? Or has anybody experienced anything similar?

    Sindre Møller

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    Posted Thu September 23, 2021 02:38 PM
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