• 1.  RPT 9.5 download

    User Group Leader
    Posted Thu April 04, 2019 07:46 AM
    Hi, could anybody show me where to get Rational Performance tester (RPT) 9.5 to download and try?
    GA was in March 2019.
    In trial downloads I see 9.2.1 version.
    In my catalog at marketplace I see only RPT on Cloud.

    Best Regards,

  • 2.  RE: RPT 9.5 download

    IBM Select
    Posted Tue April 09, 2019 05:54 PM
    Hi Dmitry,

    RPT 9.5 should be available either via Passport Advantage or as an update from FixCentral.
    I'll check with the respective teams regarding updating the trial download, thanks for pointing that out.


    Chris Haggan

  • 3.  RE: RPT 9.5 download

    Posted Wed April 10, 2019 02:49 PM
    Thanks Chris,
    I can't find RPT 9.5 at FixCentral.
    Will try Passport Advantage.

    Dmitrty Lapygin