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Looking for a BIM Connector user group/portfolio solution

  • 1.  Looking for a BIM Connector user group/portfolio solution

    Posted Fri February 04, 2022 08:52 AM
    Hi everyone,
    I've been working with our Building Data team and they are transitioning from CAD to Revit (Note: I am translating their expertise and may get a few terms wrong below). Currently, we actually have something hybrid as our CAD files are imported into Revit and then processed into TRIRIGA using BIM Connector. As we begin dropping the CAD part and fully developing Revit models we are encountering the need to utilize the Area object in Revit and dealing with the way TRIRIGA incorporates that into the Space portfolio.

    This procedure now creates parent/child spaces where the parent has no real dimensional or administrative value but is necessary to maintain the Area/Room configuration in Revit. Many OOTB reports and rollups in the Floor/Building records (see Allocation section) do not read correctly where this has been applied. For the most part I think we resolve the reporting issue by applying some custom filters but the rollup seem  little trickier. 

    I am reluctant to apply any solution yet though as I want to make sure we're not missing something. Since BIM Connector is such a big part of the TRIRIGA system, I would think there has already been some consideration for this. Has IBM deployed any Platform changes that account for Revit Areas as Spaces and their downstream effects? Does anyone know if there is a user group that focuses on CAD integrator/BIM connector issues?

    Specs: 3.8/10.5 transitioning to 10.8

    Thanks in advance for any contributions!



    wayne coffey