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Building Automation with Maximo

  • 1.  Building Automation with Maximo

    Posted Wed October 02, 2019 09:01 AM

    Hi everyone,
    I'm learning about building automation platforms and am keen to learn about Maximo in the context of building automation to control the indoor environment as part of a policy to improve health and wellness in the workplace.
    Typically, this requires monitoring across several parameters. Does anyone have experience of using Maximo for this? I would welcome some observations and comments on how they have gone about implementing this and the outcome.
    I declare a vested interest as my company specialises in the monitoring of indoor air quality. Maximo is the third platform with which we are keen to harmonise our technology - but, as yet, we know little about it, except that is reputedly an extremely powerful platform.

    Graham Mills

  • 2.  RE: Building Automation with Maximo

    Posted Wed October 02, 2019 09:49 AM
    If your company has already their plateform, typically you will use your plateform to measure the air quality and when  Action is needed you will trigger from your plateform a Maximo and generate a Maximo workorder to correct the situation.
    If you want to use Maximo to collect what you are monitoring, then probably you will use Measurement points in Maximo to store the value measured and you will trigger Maximo workorder, from inside maximo, when needed.
    Maximo has an integration layer that allow you to communicate with external system. It can communicate with any external system.

    If you have any specific question, please send it and I will try to be more specific

    Mohamed Skandaji