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Test Automation - some useful links

  • 1.  Test Automation - some useful links

    Posted Thu December 13, 2018 07:03 AM

    Hi all -  the other week we (Code Development Ltd.) were presenting about test-automation at the MUGUK&I user group meeting in London. We got some really useful insights into where the community is heading with Maximo testing and automation.

    There were a lot of questions, some deep-divers and others quite essential. In light of that I'm making this thread to give everyone some helpful resources from around the internet (e.g Gartner Reports, some leading brands, Wikipedia etc).

    I've kept it light, so hopefully you'll find them an interesting read at the very least. 

    We'd like to encourage you to post any questions here you have about automation with Maximo. Alternatively send me a message (

    What is test automation?

    Wikipedia - Test Automation
    Follow the link above for a good detailed description

    Essentially, compared to manual regression testing where a human follows an instruction to check that system functionalities have not been broken, a computer program does this instead, mimicking human interactions with UI clicks and keystrokes. 

    Why test automation?
    Why Test Automation? 
    (from Ranorex)

    The above article says it all. 

    Essentially automation can handle high regression testing loads in short spaces of time.

    Is test automation for us?

    This article on Test automation from a Strategic Perspective from Smartbear (one of the leaders in the above Gartner report linked below) should give you a good overview of whether automation might be for your team.

    In summary, test automation is suitable for teams which do heavy loads of testing, such as Agile or devops.

    Additionally automation is suitable for a much wider userbase, due to the ability to run test suites daily as catching bugs when they are made is much more cost effective than if they are caught in production. 

    What's the Return on Investment with test automation? 

    A good place to start is by asking yourself 'Whats my return on investment with manual testing?'. If you find that testing by hand getting costly, either in high labour or low quality, you might want to consider automation. 

    Check out this great white paper from the National Institute of Software and Technology which explains the financial impact of inadequate testing. 

    In sum, because automation scales, true ROI comes from running suites as much as possible and catching bugs early in development. 

    I don't know where to start!

    Try reading this - The test automation pyramid - gives an overview of what you need to prioritize for test automation.

    Ultimate Guide to Start Test Automation Additionally, this is a really detailed guide on starting out with automation.

    Best place to start is by asking questions and familiarizing yourself with the concept. Happy to field any queries on this thread. 


    What about Automation for Maximo?

    Here are the testing solutions we know about for Maximo, but please let us know if there are others:

    MaxTAF: Maximo Test Automation Framework (our tool)

    Features: Record and Play, XML Based Scripting, full back-end MBO and MIF access, Highly Customisable.

    YAT Maximo (A solution by Yodhak)

    Features: Excel Based Scripting, Click and Go capability, email reports, browser screenshots upon failure, pick-up-and-play.

    Powerful Browser level testing for Maximo. 

    Alexander Delic - Communications Manager at Code Development Ltd, Creators and Distributors of MaxTAF (Maximo Test Automation Framework)