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Required: Partner to Configure Maximo Test Instance

  • 1.  Required: Partner to Configure Maximo Test Instance

    Posted Fri October 11, 2019 10:18 AM
    As a brief background on GeoPal
    GeoPal is a full customisable Field Operations Management SaaS App that connects field workers, remote assets and internet of things sensors, leveraging field data to immediately gain actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of a business. GeoPal is listed on the IBM Global Solutions Directory 
    We are looking for help/guidance on below:
    Assistance in:
    (1) Setting up and configuring a new Maximo system
    (2) Connect the new Maximo system to the GeoPal SaaS Platform over APIs
    Our initial Use Case we kept as simple as possible but are open to expanding on this if needed:
    1. Maximo office user creates a Work Order (job) for a Maximo field asset
    2. Maximo office user assigns the Work Order to a field technician
    3  Maximo sends this Work Order to GeoPal over the APIs (Maximo EAM SaaS- REST API)
    4. The field technician using the GeoPal App completes the workflow
    5. GeoPal updates Maximo over the API (e.g. change work order to complete / change asset status). Plus GeoPal can pass a link to Maximo via the API to store against the Work Order with all the Work Order details.
    6. Maximo office user can view all Work Order data on GeoPal by clicking on this Work Order details link.

    I look forward to hearing from someone/Partner that can help

    Paul Coyle

  • 2.  RE: Required: Partner to Configure Maximo Test Instance

    Posted Mon October 14, 2019 05:19 PM
    @Richard Barber Would you be able to assist Paul with this or do you know anyone that can?

    Kaila Timmons
    User Group Manager

  • 3.  RE: Required: Partner to Configure Maximo Test Instance

    Posted Tue October 15, 2019 04:27 AM
    Hi @Kaila Timmons,

    Yes I've had a chat with Paul and advised him to post on here so hopefully one of our community will be able to help.


    Richard Barber
    Maintenance Systems Lead Engineer
    Drax Power Limited
    01757 612187