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Introducing support for NetSuite SuitePeople (HCM)

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Thu July 09, 2020 08:55 AM

Since November 2020, the connector for NetSuite SuitePeople HCM is deprecated in IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud and is no longer available in the App Connect catalog.

In July 2017, we added NetSuite SuitePeople HCM to the growing list of applications in the App Connect catalog, with initial support to create and retrieve employee and payroll item records. We’ve since extended support for NetSuite SuitePeople HCM, to enable you to create, retrieve, update, and delete employee, payroll item, and subsidiary records as part of our strategy to support more objects and operations.

App Connect accesses the NetSuite SuitePeople HCM resources through the Cloud Elements swagger APIs.

Connecting to NetSuite SuitePeople HCM

To use NetSuite SuitePeople HCM in your App Connect flows, you need to connect App Connect to your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM account from the Applications tab on the App Connect Catalog page or when you add the app to a flow. When connecting, you provide a set of connection properties for your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM instance:

Consumer key:
The Consumer key of your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM instance. For example: 5970bb8cf99e862e8538afa4a30484abe
Consumer secret:
The Consumer secret of your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM instance. For example: fe225496eac1c6965b27307392b8d
Token ID:
The Token ID of your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM instance. For example: 330aa150d54d40246d6477fbf8298e
Token secret:
The token secret of your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM instance. For example: 190323908c09799036286c723a30eaeb
Account ID:
The account ID of your NetSuite SuitePeople HCM instance. For example: TSTDRV17


There are multiple use cases for integrating NetSuite SuitePeople HCM (NetSuite HCM) with other applications and utilities through App Connect. In this blog post, we are going to illustrate a scenario that updates the Job Title of an employee. We’ll create an event-driven flow that is triggered by the addition of a new row in a Google spreadsheet (for employee details to be added or changed), with the flow then retrieving the NetSuite HCM employee record and then updating the employee record.

To focus on aspects for NetSuite HCM in App Connect, we’ll use an existing Google Sheets account. (If you want to add a Google Sheets account to your App Connect, you can use the App Connect Catalog / Applications tab or add the account while editing the flow.)

  1. To begin, from the App Connect Dashboard we select New > Event-driven flow, and then change the flow title to something appropriate.
  2. For the first node (the event that is to trigger the flow), we select Google Sheets / Rows / New complete row appended from the Applications list (to trigger the flow every time a new row is added in Google sheets).


    … and then select the spreadsheet and worksheet:


  3. Then we add the actions that the flow is to perform, starting by expanding NetSuite SuitePeople HCM from the Applications list to show the available actions. As we have not yet connected App Connect to NetSuite SuitePeople HCM, we click Connect to display the form for us to provide the connection details for our NetSuite instance. We provide the required details and then click Connect to create an account in App Connect.


  4. After creating the NetSuite SuitePeople HCM account, we click NetSuite SuitePeople HCM / Employees / Retrieve employees to add that as the first action in the flow.

    We configure the action to retrieve employee records with the First Name and Last Name values taken from the Google Sheets row:


    This action retrieves the one employee record for the first and last name, as in NetSuite SuitePeople HCM all employees with external access must have a unique entity name (first and last name) for login purposes.

  5. For the next action, we add click NetSuite SuitePeople HCM / Employees / Update employee.
    • For the ‘Where’ condition Internal id we select ‘Internal id’ from the first instance of ’employees’ returned by NetSuite SuitePeople HCM / Retrieve employees.
    • For the employee Job Title field, we select the Job title value taken from the Google Sheets row.


  6. Now we can start and then trigger the flow.

    Before triggering the flow, we check the employee Job Title in NetSuite SuitePeople HCM:


    When we add a new row to the Google Sheets spreadsheet, the flow is triggered and on the App Connect Dashboard the flow tile shows a green tick to indicate a successful run:


    After the flow was triggered, we can see the new employee Job Title in NetSuite SuitePeople HCM:

If you’d like to try out this scenario, you can sign up to App Connect and get started in minutes.