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IBM App Connect can now securely connect to IBM Db2 on Cloud (formerly DashDB)

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Thu July 09, 2020 07:53 AM

IBM App Connect Enterprise software has always had the ability to connect to IBM Db2 databases. In the latest release of IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud,  Db2 connectivity has been extended to enable you to securely connect to IBM Db2 on Cloud (formally DashDB), a fully managed SQL database service. You now have complete flexibility in how you choose to deploy App Connect Enterprise integrations and set up Db2 databases, allowing for a truly hybrid system. The exact location of the integrations and database system can change, for example, as you move to having various parts running in the cloud from on-premises systems.

The Db2 policy in App Connect has been extended to allow direct internet connections and to include SSL options to secure the Db2 connection:

These new properties allow connectivity to IBM Db2 on Cloud, but could equally be used to connect to any Db2 installation that is hosted in the cloud and exposed to the internet.

For full details about how to configure both IBM App Connect Enterprise and Db2 on Cloud, see the tutorial Using IBM App Connect enterprise capabilities with IBM Db2 on Cloud.