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App Connect Enterprise CI/CD deployment to IBMCloud/OpenShift/IBM CloudPak for Integration 

Fri July 31, 2020 07:36 AM

1. Overview

This article will provide guidance to teams who are looking to building a CI/CD for IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) bar file deployment onto IBMCloud/OpenShift/ICP4I Integration Server. It’s a simple REST ACE Message Flow that receives the request, writes the payload to a MQ Queue, and sends a reply back.

The Scenario,
1) Developer commits the ACE project into the github repository.
2) Jenkins Build job pulls ACE projects from Github repository.
3) Jenkins Build job creates bar files and uploads them into Nexus Artifactory.
4) Tags the github project with the Jenkins build number.
5) Jenkins deploy job,
> Downloads bar files from Nexus
> creates docker images containing bar files
> Uploads the docker image to the OpenShift Container Registry
> Deploy the docker image to create ACE Integration Server.

The Build server is a RHEL, and I installed Jenkins, Nexus, Xvfb, ACE on it.

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(see attached PDF for full article)



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