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Integration of ACE with Microsoft online.

  • 1.  Integration of ACE with Microsoft online.

    Posted Wed September 06, 2023 06:00 AM
         Here I need your help, I have some requirement that "App connect need to handle the records of an excel file".
    We know that our App connect version has a feature to handle the excel file data which is present in the Microsoft online with Microsoft excel online flow nodes.
    I followed below steps to do this operation:
    1. Created an independent integration server in IBM ACE v with vault.
    2. Created the application with App Registration in Microsoft Azure portal.
    3. generated the client id and client secret by assign roles.
    4. generated the refresh token and access token for above registered application.
    5. While trying to configure the above credentials with message flow by launching the discovery connector on node properties.
    6. Am getting error like below after submitting the client id, client secret, access token and refresh token.
    7. "Some fields provided for the retrieve action on the Microsoft Excel Drive object are either invalid or missing. Microsoft Excel cannot process the request because it is malformed or incorrect. Ensure that you've provided values for all the mandatory fields and that the values specified for all fields are valid."
    Can anyone help me out with this?..
    Thanks in Advance.

    Rakesh Sudhagoni

  • 2.  RE: Integration of ACE with Microsoft online.

    Posted Wed September 06, 2023 10:18 AM
    Edited by David Brickell Wed September 06, 2023 10:18 AM

    You can enable the Connector Discovery trace using debug option in the toolkit using the below steps and provide us with the logs:

    1. Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Integration Development -> Connection Settings
    2. Under Connector Discovery option set the log level to debug a
    3. Click on Apply and Close
    4. eclipse/toolkit log and ibmtkelectronapp.log files contain the details.

      If you aren't able to identify and resolve the issue from the logs, open a case with support and provide the trace details. 

    David Brickell

  • 3.  RE: Integration of ACE with Microsoft online.

    Posted Tue September 12, 2023 07:57 AM

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your response, The above issue happened due to the admin consent permission issue.

    I tried to generate the token with postman collection for azure AD, while doing activity I am getting admin consent issue.

    However I given the all the required permissions for my AD Account even though am getting same error.

    Attaching the Postman SS for your reference.

    Rakesh Sudhagoni