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  • 1.  IBM TCP/IP Workflow

    Posted Tue July 06, 2021 09:44 AM
    Hi Guys,
       I am new to IBM App Connect. I have done some sample exercise on Rest and Soap applications. I have not find any videos or reference material on working through TCP/IP node. I need any reference articles or videos for doing some exercise on TCP/IP node. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


  • 2.  RE: IBM TCP/IP Workflow

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Tue July 06, 2021 11:38 AM
    In the ACE Toolkit Tutorial Gallery (Help menu > Tutorials Gallery) there is a tutorial named "Using the TCP/IP nodes to integrate with TCP/IP sockets" which provides the import of annotated message flows and step-by-step instructions. The overview is as follows:

    IBM App Connect Enterprise enables you to integrate with external applications by using TCP/IP sockets. Two sets of TCP/IP message flow nodes exist in IBM App Connect Enterprise: TCPIPServer nodes and TCPIPClient nodes. Both sets have identical function in terms of accessing the data streams; however, one set uses client connections and the other set uses server connections. This tutorial also uses policies as a convenient way to manage the TCP/IP connections.

    This tutorial includes an application called 'TCPIPServer' that simulates a TCP/IP server that is configured to send the data over TCP/IP sockets. The main message flow in the server application is driven by an XML message arriving on the HTTPInput node. When the message flow with the TCPIPServer node is deployed, the TCP/IP server is started automatically.

    This tutorial also demonstrates how a message flow can be driven by the TCPIPClient node. By default, this node does not open a client connection. The way to configure it properly is to use a TCPClient policy to enable at least one client connection to be opened when the flow is deployed. The same policy also defines the server host name and port number to connect to.

    An important part of TCP/IP input node configuration is setting up the proper record detection algorithm. This tutorial demonstrates the use of 'Parsed Record Sequence' record detection in XML messages.

    The message flows used in this tutorial also utilise other message flow nodes such as Trace, FileOutput, Mapping, HTTPInput and HTTPReply nodes.

    Ben Thompson
    IBM UK

  • 3.  RE: IBM TCP/IP Workflow

    Posted Sun July 11, 2021 12:36 PM
    Thanks Ben Thompson. It really helped me a lot!!!


  • 4.  RE: IBM TCP/IP Workflow

    Posted Thu September 14, 2023 12:53 AM

    Hello Ben. 

    We did the steps you have said. unfortunately, there are no tutorials nor documentation for an external TCP/IP Server. The goal is to make a two-way "bridge" or "connector" that passes an ISO5853 format. The problem is we cannot connect to the external 3rd party server. And based on the documentation the only way a tcpip output and input node connects is it should be deployed in the same integration server.

    Feel free to correct anything I said because it's our first time trying TCPIP Nodes. Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you

    Nathaniel Santiago