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IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit freezes/hangs on Linux

  • 1.  IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit freezes/hangs on Linux

    Posted Mon August 07, 2023 03:35 PM


    IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit

    Build id:

    The toolkit hangs/freezes extremely regularly. Almost impossible to work!
    No error message. 
    I have to kill the ace tooklit at the command line and restart the tool.

    I had the problem on Linux Ubuntu 22.04 but less often.
    Now my employer asked me to leave Ubuntu and switch to Windows+WSL+X server+Red Hat+IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit v12.

    For an unknown reason the toolkit freezes/hangs at clicking on a box, clicking on the properties, ...
    I don't do anything special.

    Never had any problems with IIB v10 on Ubuntu 20/22
    Since the ACE toolkit, the tool freezes/hangs...

    Do you have an idea why?

    Thanks in advance,

    Rudy Vissers

    Rudy Vissers
    Expert freelance developer working for MLOZ-IT/HEALTH-IT

  • 2.  RE: IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit freezes/hangs on Linux

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Mon August 07, 2023 08:33 PM

    Hi Rudy,

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems. Whilst many of the plugins are similar across IIBv10, ACEv11 and ACEv12, the level of Eclipse we use has been updated several times over those releases so the tools aren't directly comparable in terms of tracking down defective behaviour. Typically if Toolkit is hanging we'd recommend raising a service ticket with IBM so that we can investigate properly (deduce any particular patterns of behaviour or functions you're executing which might be the cause). This would also enable the Service team to inspect your Toolkit logs for any exceptions which may have been thrown close to the time of the hang. Historically there have been very rare occasions where a workspace could have become corrupt causing persistent problems, in which situation exporting the projects and importing them again into a totally clean workspace can sometimes be helpful in getting immediate relief in the interim whilst the problem is being properly investigated.

    Ben Thompson
    IBM UK

  • 3.  RE: IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit freezes/hangs on Linux

    Posted Mon August 07, 2023 10:32 PM

    Thank you Ben. 

    I'll ask to raise a service ticket. 

    I have yesterday separated the 2 projects I was working on. I mean 2 different workspaces.
    Did imports of the projects within the new workspaces.
    Same problem. 

    I am not the only one. My colleague using a comparable env. has exactly the same problems.

    I'll read something on how to generate log from the Eclipse.

    Have a nice day,


    Rudy Vissers