• 1.  amsrua output

    Posted Tue September 28, 2021 06:49 AM
    Hello I'm using amqsrua to monitor a queue, the options are:

    amqsrua -m queue_manager -c STATQ -o QL1 -t PUT

    and this is the sample output (qmgr and queue name are fictitious). I see the lock contention value sometimes with high values. This means an app is trying to lock a queue and no success. How can I do further diagnose?


    ... Interval:10.368 seconds

    QL1 MQPUT/MQPUT1 count 3421 330/sec
    QL1 MQPUT byte count 74938273 7227349/sec
    QL1 MQPUT non-persistent message count 0
    QL1 MQPUT persistent message count 3421 330/sec
    QL1 MQPUT1 non-persistent message count 0
    QL1 MQPUT1 persistent message count 0
    QL1 non-persistent byte count 0
    QL1 persistent byte count 74938273 7227349/sec
    QL1 lock contention 70,22%
    QL1 queue avoided puts 0,00%
    QL1 queue avoided bytes 0,00%

    Joao Ramires

  • 2.  RE: amsrua output

    Posted Wed September 29, 2021 11:28 AM
    Hi Joao,

    Lock contention at that level isn't necessarily a bad thing, it partly depends on how many applications you have putting to the queue concurrently, whether they are using syncpoint etc. It's worth looking at whether or not you are getting the necessary overall throughput through your queue manager, in conjunction with looking at the queue contention levels.

    How many applications put to the queue at the same time?
    How many getting applications do you have on the queue?
    What size messages are they?

    Matthew Whitehead