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firmware 10.0 AMQP adapter

  • 1.  firmware 10.0 AMQP adapter

    IBM Select
    Posted Mon September 21, 2020 11:16 AM
    we are trying to build an https service that needs to drop message into activemq on AWS.

    It was simple enough to built AMQP Broker with host name, Port, credentials, TLS client profile.
    later used this in mpg static-backend as amqp-broker://CTM-AMQ/?to=OUT.Q

    when tested with postman I can see messages reaching activeMQ queue OUT.Q but :

    it had these special chars in the front of it any help regarding posting a message using AMQP will be helpful.


    Abhilash Boggarapu

  • 2.  RE: firmware 10.0 AMQP adapter

    Posted Tue December 01, 2020 03:10 PM
    The contents shown above look like an AMQP encoded message which is what I would expect to see over the wire. I assume that your postman request only included the XML data shown above. I would recommend looking at a packet capture on both sides and check what is being sent by postman and what DataPower is sending to the AMQP server.

    For reference, you can take a look at how AMQP message properties are mapped to headers in case you need to adjust it:

    Francisco Moraes