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Getting an error trying to add a second gateway in API Connect v10

  • 1.  Getting an error trying to add a second gateway in API Connect v10

    IBM Select
    Posted Wed September 08, 2021 10:38 AM

    I have a single api gateway currently in our v10 installation, it is the default one created during the installation (I did not create it manually):


    I was asked to add another for experimentation/testing as a v5 gateway, but I get this error when trying to do so:


    Failed to create gateway service DEV API Gateway v5.

    Another gateway service 'api-gateway-service (api-gateway-service)' with same endpoint 'https://np-apic-gw-gateway-manager-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com' exists. Please use a different endpoint.

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    400 Bad Request
    September 2, 2021 1:14 PM


     I only have one gateway manager route:

     [redacted@redacted ~]$ oc get routes

    NAME                          HOST/PORT                                                            PATH   SERVICES                                                      PORT    TERMINATION          WILDCARD

    integration-navigator-pn      integration-navigator-pn-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com             integration-navigator-ibm-integration-platform-navigator-ui   <all>   reencrypt/Redirect   None

    np-apic-a7s-ac-endpoint       np-apic-a7s-ac-endpoint-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com              np-apic-a7s-mtls-gw                                           4443    passthrough          None

    np-apic-a7s-ai-endpoint       np-apic-a7s-ai-endpoint-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com              np-apic-a7s-mtls-gw                                           4443    passthrough          None

    np-apic-gw-gateway            np-apic-gw-gateway-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com                   np-apic-gw-datapower                                          9443    passthrough          None

    np-apic-gw-gateway-manager    np-apic-gw-gateway-manager-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com           np-apic-gw-datapower                                          3000    passthrough          None

    np-apic-mgmt-admin            np-apic-mgmt-admin-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com                   np-apic-mgmt-juhu                                             2005    reencrypt/Redirect   None

    np-apic-mgmt-api-manager      np-apic-mgmt-api-manager-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com             np-apic-mgmt-juhu                                             2006    reencrypt/Redirect   None

    np-apic-mgmt-consumer-api     np-apic-mgmt-consumer-api-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com            np-apic-mgmt-juhu                                             2001    reencrypt/Redirect   None

    np-apic-mgmt-platform-api     np-apic-mgmt-platform-api-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com            np-apic-mgmt-juhu                                             2000    reencrypt/Redirect   None

    np-apic-ptl-portal-director   np-apic-ptl-portal-director-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com          np-apic-ptl-nginx                                             4443    passthrough          None

    np-apic-ptl-portal-web        np-apic-ptl-portal-web-ibm-cp-pn.apps.nprho.erieinsurance.com               np-apic-ptl-np-www                                            4443    reencrypt/Redirect   None


    I used n3xc4.m16 for the deployment profile, is this the reason I can't create another gateway? 

    I tried changing the gateway replicas to 2, but that did not add any gateway manager routes.

     I guess I am trying to understand if we need multiple gateways in our v10 NP environment – currently in APIC v5 NP we have separate Datapower gateways for dev, asm, and test.  In STG we have separate gateways for SPE and STG, and in prd we only have PRD.   Each of those environments have an F5 vip with 2 DP appliances behind them which serve as the runtime.  I'm trying to wrap my head around how this will work in v10.

    Jennifer Stipe