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API Connect V5.0.8.9 - Cluster Troubleshoot practices

  • 1.  API Connect V5.0.8.9 - Cluster Troubleshoot practices

    Posted Tue July 06, 2021 09:11 AM
    We have multiple IBM API Connect V environment in UAT, Test and Prod environments.
    There is every alternate week we faced APIC environment issue - CMC not accessible, APIM not accessible, nodes are down and overall environment inaccessible. Every time we end-up with system restart to make environment up and running. 

    We have seen there is no resources over-utilized like CPU, Memory and Disk are under utilized but still we face environment inaccessible issue approx every alternate week. 

    Can you please suggest best practices to troubleshoot the APIC Cluster environment and how to find exact root cause?
    Is anyone can provide APIC Cluster troubleshoot practices/commands to collect overall environment statistics to find out what exactly going on in the environment..


    mike wagner