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  • 1.  Not able to access the API Connect management console

    Posted Mon August 16, 2021 12:47 PM
    Hello there,

    We just deployed the API Connect OVA and we are trying to access the management console ( https://<cloud-admin-ui>/admin.) but it is unavailable.
    What should be done here?


    Jala Zahwa

  • 2.  RE: Not able to access the API Connect management console

    Posted Tue August 17, 2021 03:12 AM
    Hi Jala,

    You can check the cluster (management) status by running:

    apic status

    Also, this is an excellent reference to verify that the management OVA deployment succeeded.: https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/api-connect/10.0.x?topic=subsystem-verify-installation-management

    Rashid Aljohani

  • 3.  RE: Not able to access the API Connect management console

    Posted Thu August 19, 2021 07:17 AM
    H Rashid,

    By running "sudo apic status" I am getting this :

    apicadm@vl-aus-bmm-api10v2:~$ sudo apic status
    INFO[0000] Log level: info

    Cluster members:
    - vl-aus-bmm-api10v2.bmc.com (
    Version: 2.1.1
    Install stage: SETUP_SUBSYSTEM
    Upgrade stage: UPGRADE_DONE
    Subsystem type: management
    Subsystem version:
    Subsystem detail:
    Reboot Required: false
    Docker status:
    Systemd unit: running
    Kubernetes status:
    Systemd unit: running
    Kubelet version: vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 (4.4.0-189-generic) [Kubelet v1.17.9, Proxy v1.17.9]
    Etcd status: pod etcd-vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 in namespace kube-system has status Running
    Addons: calico, cert-manager, dns, helm, kube-proxy, local-volume-provisioner,
    Disk Space Available: 232G/246G
    Containers: 36
    - Running: 32
    - Paused: 0
    - Stopped: 4
    Images: 21
    Etcd cluster state:
    - etcd member name: vl-aus-bmm-api10v2.bmc.com, member id: 5893460120487129848, cluster id: 2192063337110438850, leader id: 5893460120487129848, revision: 18206, version: 3.4.9

    Pods Summary:
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 cert-manager cert-manager-64cc76f84d-d44k5 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 cert-manager cert-manager-cainjector-c9855769f-9pj6q 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 cert-manager cert-manager-webhook-7c6f9dfd8b-8cz6f 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system calico-kube-controllers-6cdbd8cf55-m72zp 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system calico-node-7xf6r 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system coredns-6796c8d847-4zh92 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system coredns-6796c8d847-l7lmm 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system etcd-vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system ingress-nginx-ingress-controller-99zth 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system kube-apiserver-proxy-vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system kube-apiserver-vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system kube-controller-manager-vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system kube-proxy-z2dsk 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system kube-scheduler-vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system local-volume-provisioner-8srx9 1/1 Running
    vl-aus-bmm-api10v2 kube-system tiller-deploy-778d4df46b-mfxdw 1/1 Running

    And I still don't have access to the web management console.
    Can you please advise? 


    Jala Zahwa

  • 4.  RE: Not able to access the API Connect management console

    Posted Tue August 17, 2021 09:44 AM
    Hello Jala,

    Please check if installation of the management server is proper, check the link provided by @Rashid Aljohani.

    Please check if all DNS entries are correct and its resolving properly. You must have defined all the endpoints while creating the iso.
    fqdn: should resolve to your management IP
    api-manager-ui: should resolve to your management IP
    cloud-admin-ui: should resolve to your management IP
    consumer-api: should resolve to your management IP
    platform-api: should resolve to your management IP

    Sarada Sahoo

    Sarada Sahoo

  • 5.  RE: Not able to access the API Connect management console

    Posted Tue August 17, 2021 10:02 AM


    Thank you both.
    Actually, it seems that I didn't complete the installation process yet :-).
    I have a quistion regarding the doc'"

    step 9 (Set a Public key.)
    apicup subsys set mgmt ssh-keyfiles=path_to_public_ssh_keyfile

    The key should be generated OT should be used from another place?


    Jala Zahwa