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Using IBM App Connect to interact with IBM FileNet Content Manager 

9 days ago

IBM FileNet Content Manager provides businesses with enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle demanding content challenges, complex business processes, and integration to all their existing systems. It is a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that helps businesses to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information to increase operational efficiency and lower total ownership cost.

FileNet helps businesses to streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content, and automate records management for compliance.

Using FileNet with App Connect

You can use App Connect to perform actions on the following objects:

  • Folders
  • Documents

To use App Connect to integrate FileNet with your other applications, you need to connect App Connect to your FileNet account. To do that, provide the following information:

  • GraphQL URL: The URL for the GraphQL service.
  • Username: The username to access the GraphQL account.
  • Password: The password to access the GraphQL account.
  • Repository Identifier: The FileNet repository name.

Scenario: Retrieve documents from Microsoft® SharePoint and upload them to a FileNet repository

As an example, consider this scenario, you can use App Connect to create a flow for an API that, when called, will retrieve documents from Microsoft SharePoint and upload those documents to a FileNet repository.

In this scenario, the Request node uses the folder path property to retrieve files from Microsoft SharePoint through the Retrieve files action.

A Microsoft SharePoint Retrieve files action will only retrieve the metadata from files. For this reason, you need to use a For each node from the Toolbox to process each file so that you can configure the flow to retrieve the content of the files. This will be done with the Microsoft SharePoint Download file action.

FileNet uses the metadata from the Microsoft SharePoint retrieve files output and the content from the download file action to create a document that contains both the metadata and the file content. The Response node contains an example of the output mapping of the created document.

Figure 1. Flow for an API to retrieve documents from Microsoft® SharePoint and upload them to a FileNet repository

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