On-Demand: Convergence of Operations, Maintenance and Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry 

Tue July 02, 2019 01:57 PM

As we engineer more complex solutions to deliver energy, we also are forced to deal with more complex process automation systems, business processes, business systems and the challenge of staying compliant with local, regional and industry regulations.  Every single major disaster in the last few decades have been traced back to multiple causes that all have a common thread of a lack of a safety culture and an inability to incorporate safety into daily work.  How can software help institutionalize a safety culture while concurrently improving operational and maintenance efficiency?

Join Dave Turner, IBM IoT’s Worldwide Oil and Gas Industry Leader in this 30-minute webinar to learn about:

  • How a fully integrated asset management system can improve efficiency and stimulate a safety culture
  • Why IBM Maximo is the market leading asset management solution and what differentiates it for the oil and gas industry
  • How Maximo supports process efficiencies and the convergence of operations, maintenance and safety functions
  • Maximo oil and gas customer use cases; improving productivity, safety and reliability
Dave Turner
IBM IoT’s Worldwide Oil and Gas Industry Leader

David has technology management experience with a focus on developing business visions and objectives, then following through with disciplined implementations. Operations management accomplishments include building efficient infrastructures to support new businesses and markedly improving existing organizations in small and large corporate environments, both public and private sectors. Employers and customers have rewarded performance through promotions, educational investments, public rewards and new business.


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