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Business Transaction Monitoring in IIB

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Business Transaction Monitoring in IIB 

Tue July 14, 2020 12:48 PM

With the availability of IBM Integration Bus v10 Fixpack 3, we introduced the concepts on Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) in Business Transaction Monitoring – Why, what, how.

In this blog post we will detail an end-to-end example scenario involving BTM from definition to viewing of transaction results.

We will create a new Business Transaction Definition (BTD), perform the configuration steps to leverage recording of BTM events in preparation for sending messages that will be monitored by our definition. Then view the results of the recorded business transactions.

What is required

  • An IIB node associated with a queue manager. (The monitoring feature in IIB requires WebSphere MQ to function)
  • DDL scripts to generate required table
  • The IIB resource that contains the application that will be used
  • create_queues.mqsc script
  • Sample messages BTM_NewPurchase.xml and BTM_InvalidPurchase.xml files
  • IBM DB2 (or other supported Database – Oracle)

IIB Getting Started with BTM Artefacts .zip (attached below)

(see attached PDF for full article)


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