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The winter has gone – what’s new after two months away

It was a cold and dark winter, two month with no posts. I am feeling like a decade away from my blog! Despite the joke, all these time far away from here was full of projects and cool stuff that I want to share soon with the community. Talking about the community: the new portal is incredible,...

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Next stop: Index Conference San Francisco

There’s a great developer community event coming: Index! It will be a three-day conference at San Francisco focused on the open developer community and has the objective to bring us the latest software development practices and techniques through the point of view of many big tech companies...

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There is No Magic

Has been a while since my last post, I took some time to rest, traveling with friends and family. Also, after many friend’s recommendations, I started to watch Black Mirror, a science fiction television show. The series brings many discussions about how technology progress will change our lives....

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Discussion Thread 2
Bluemix Gamification

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Discussion Thread 6
UCD discovery not working

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DevOps for Cognitive: How to test your Watson Conversation instance while building chatbots

IBM Watson Conversation is one of the main services available to build smart agents. With an easy and intuitive interface it allows the training of a chatbot in a specific domain. Creating a chatbot with Watson is easy and doesn’t require any kind of advanced programming skills, but to create...

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