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I am Stacy Dingler, Currently, IBM SCIS Staff Engineer, client-focused with experience in IBM Transparent Supply including IBM Food Trust as well as other SAAS offerings. In 2008, I went to IBM, as part of a deal brokered by ATT and IBM; I became a Site Focal and had responsibility for oversight of 12-14 people. In time, my duties advanced and I became a Backup Team Lead as well as a Project and Escalation Focal working with the DPE team. During this latter part of my career, I have been blessed to be married to a wonderful wife. We have been together for eighteen years; she is a schoolteacher of special education. She holds a Master's degree in early childhood development. We have two children, one girl who is 20 as of this year (2021) and a son who will be 13 (2021). We enjoy going to museums, air shows, and anything that is active. Everything I have done in my past as well as now makes up “who I am” my family, and my experiences thru life. I work and progress yes for myself, but also for my family, I want to make a difference. I always will be driven by this principle, to learn, advance, and achieve. Interest includes reading, blogging, learning, traveling, and creating.