Jukka Juselius


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Seasoned IT/EA/Solution Architect with a solid understanding of business digitalization needs and opportunities. Working directly with customers making sure they have the needed knowledge of the latest trends and technical advancements. Building API economies, Blockchain business networks, hybrid cloud integrations, digitized automated processes with cognitive twist and holistic approach - that's me.

Keywords: Digtal business automation (DBA), APIs, cognitive process automation (CPA), robotic process automation (RPA), Blockhain (Hyperledger), hybrid cloud, cloud integrations, solution and service architectures, enterprise architecture, technical architecture, integration architecture, event driven architecture, consultancy, SOA and BPM, middleware, Java, IBM software, software development, mobile apps, Node.js, Node-RED, identity and access management, Unix platforms, consulting, sales, sales planning and technical support, negotiations, presentations, PoCs, PoTs.