Doug Moran

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In the Web world, where social media, blog posts, and a quality, usable mix of technical, sales, and marketing content is crucial to success, companies can no longer afford to deploy information based on a siloed perspective. In an era where "Content is King", a product team must make an effort to better standardize, focus, and provide a coherent overall content strategy that includes ideas from marketing, engineering, support, QA, sales, and other teams in an organization. Companies must view content strategy from a global level, presenting a focused approach to the customers that effectively combines and uses all the content tools available, everything from blogs to customer forums to YouTube videos to Facebook pages and Twitter presence.

With experience in content creation and management in both marketing and engineering, I aim to be a leader in an organization or company effort to create a better, tighter, more cross-functional content strategy. With broad experience across many different companies and many different technology areas, content creation experience describing everything from high-end software programming languages to end-user hardware installation docs and anything in between, with extensive tools and process experience, excellent organizational and people skills, and an ability to work cross-functionally to achieve team goals, I am just the person to bring order to your chaotic content strategy and take it to the next level. Worried about how customers view your web site and the information you make available to the world? Talk to me, and we'll make it better.