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My name is David Follis and I’ve been working for IBM for the last 30 years (as of this writing anyway).  All opinions expressed are mine and so forth. 
I started out in MVS development in Myers Corners back when it was still called MVS.  I’ve worked on various projects over the years but eventually settled into what would ultimately be named WebSphere Application Server.  Most of my focus there was on integration of the application server with the z/OS environment.  Around 2014 I got a chance to take architectural ownership of the Java Batch solutions available in WebSphere. 
IBM has a proprietary Java Batch solution called Compute Grid but was also the lead for the creation of the JSR-352 specification.  The same team created the Reference Implementation and the test suite (TCK).  As I stepped into the architect role, the team was deep in the process of adding JSR-352 support into WebSphere Liberty.  

Since then I've helped set architectural direction and promote JSR-352 and WebSphere Liberty Java Batch.