Alain Chabrier

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My expertise is about managing development of software to take better decisions.

I have been driving the redesign of OPL, the creation of ODM Enterprise (now DOC), the inception of Cognitive Optimization (now Modeling Assistant) and the integration of DO in Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning.

My deep expertize is about Operations Research and its business applications, but I have a good practice in most technologies from the Machine Learning and Business Analytics areas.

Over 20 years I have applied these techniques to develop software to solve a wide range of complex problems in a wide range of industries.

I have done real research (conferences, publications and patents), I have done real development and coding (too long list of languages and methodologies), I have managed multi-language, multi-culture, geographically spread development team, and I have been responsible for product strategies.

I am now a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at IBM and my role is to lead the technical strategy for DO products.