Francois van der Merwe


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Involved with corporate integration, mainly around either high volume transactions or assured delivery transaction or both. Mostly using the IBM tools IBM MQ (MQSeries) and IBM Integration Bus (ACE aka IIB).

Specialties: Message (transaction) delivery and transformation using IBM MQ and IIB. Designing complex Message Broker solutions is my forte and I pride myself in self maintaining and minimum downtime automated systems.

I'm a skilled communicator that can handle stressful situations solving integration issues. I believe that most integration problems are solved around the boardroom table.

For integration environments I have only two rules:
1. Because of the high impact of problems in the integration space, I believe that it is not allowed to go down, it must be available 24/7/365.
2. To ensure point 1, I believe any integration scenario must be kept as simple as possible.

The ultimate sign of intelligence is the ability to simplify.