Advances in Liberty and Java performance

When:  Dec 10, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Middleware

This session will share recent improvements in Open Liberty and IBM WebSphere Liberty on several different performance metrics.


Comparisons are done across multiple platforms and in different cloud/virtualized environments, including ones that are running EE8, microservices and SpringBoot applications in order to quantify how well Liberty performs in those varied scenarios.


The session will also include cutting edge advancements in the OpenJ9 JVM that is at the core of the IBM SDK for Java. We will cover both features that are important for cross-platform performance, as well as platform-specific exploitation of the latest hardware features on Intel and IBM platforms.

Vijay Sundaresan
Vijay Sundaresan
Hybrid Cloud Performance Architect

Vijay Sundaresan is a Performance Architect at the IBM Toronto Lab responsible for WAS/Java runtime performance.

Vijay's technical background and expertise is in the areas of performance analysis, compilation and virtual machine technology, Java SE and Java EE specifications, as well as hardware optimizations over the past two decades.

Vijay was one of the original architects on both the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM and on the Eclipse OMR open source projects. As a graduate student at McGill University Vijay also made contributions to the Soot bytecode analysis framework that is very popular for implementing tools and optimizations.