Using Liberty with Elastic Stack (aka ELK) Webcast

When:  Nov 12, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Middleware

This focused talk will provide step by step instructions on how to use Liberty with the popular Elastic Stack. After the call participants will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the Elastic Stack?
  • What options do I have for sending Liberty data to the Elastic stack, and how do I choose between them?
  • Which capabilities can I safely use in production? Which should be reserved for debugging?
  • How do I practically use the Liberty Kibana dashboards to do troubleshooting?
  • How does Liberty interact with the Elastic stack running in OKD/OCP?
Don Bourne
STSM - WebSphere Application Server, Observability

Don Bourne is Observability architect for OpenLiberty and Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics lead for IBM. Don has over 15 years of development experience in serviceability / observability.