It's all new: Red Hat, Cloud Pak for Applications, Kabanero and more!

When:  Oct 10, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Montreal WebSphere User Group

Join us Montreal for a jam-packed morning.  We'll talk about what IBM's acquisition of Red Hat means for both companies and you. We'll introduce you to Cloud Pak for Applications and Kabanero and we will finish the morning with a session on Cognitive Software Delivery and Testing. 

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1 Place Ville-Marie, 22nd floor
H3B2B6, Montreal, QC
Room 22-524

Cloud Pak for Applications
Cloud Pak for Applications offers an end-to-end, enterprise-ready experience to speed development of apps built for Kubernetes. Built on IBM® WebSphere® offerings and OpenShift Container Platform with IBM Kabanero Enterprise, Cloud Pak for Applications provides a long-term solution to help you transition between public, private, and hybrid clouds, and create new business applications. During this session we’ll explain how you can customize your modernization strategy with a flexible deployment model and modernization toolkit. 

Kabanero is the open source distribution of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications.  It enables developers, architects, and operations to work together faster with containerized apps and microservices.  Kabanero gives enterprises the control they need for areas related to governance while empowering their developers with speed and confidence they meet policies.  Kabanero provides you runtimes and frameworks you already use (Java, Node.js, Swift), integrated together end-to-end from developer experience, to Kubernetes-native DevOps toolchains, to pre-built deployments infused with expertise for deployment on Knative or Kubernetes.  Together we call these Collections. Kabanero provides the modern microservice-based framework that ships within Cloud Pak for Apps (supported, versioned and integrated with the Pak).  

Cognitive Software Delivery and Testing
With the drive towards Continuous Delivery, how we develop and deliver quality products is changing at a rapid pace. Our once slow delivery cycles worked well for on-premise deployments but now we are challenged to deliver in ever shorter cycles to support our services in the cloud while ensuring quality for all deployment targets. The diversity of what we need to support is ever increasing while the pressure to shorten delivery cycles pushes us to find ever more efficiency in our pipeline and processes.We have been pioneering the integration of the cloud and analytics into the DevOps pipeline for WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty to drive what we term Cognitive Software Delivery and Testing. This is allowing us to execute up to 2 years of testing in a single day and we are utilising the power of analytics to provide real-time insights into our product quality and delivery pipeline, while also optimising infrastructure usage and reducing costs..This talk will share our journey as we adopted DevOps and Continuous Delivery: from the cultural changes we experienced, the lessons we learned, and, finally, how Cognitive Software Delivery and Testing has enabled those changes and driven greater quality and efficiency in our lifecycle.


1 Place Ville-Marie
Montreal, QC