What’s new IBM Event Streams 2019.4.1

When:  Oct 30, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (ET)
Associated with  Middleware

This session will explore the new features available in the 2019.4.1 release of Event Streams.

It will cover the Schema Registry and how it can be used to ensure structured messages are used throughout the enterprise. Schema lifecycle management, version control and governance will be demonstrated through both user and command line interfaces.

This session will also look at the new support for multi-zone Kafka deployments and how Event Streams can be deployed such that it is highly available and resilient to failures.

Finally it will review the other new features around CICS integration and platform deployment support.

Chris Patmore
Chris Patmore
Software Engineer IBM Event Streams

Chris is an IBM Software Engineer and is a member of the IBM Event Streams development team. Through his work on IBM Event Streams he has built up experience running enterprise level Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, and writing microservices for the cloud. He has a first class masters in physics and If he’s not writing code, he’s probably out bouldering.