Logging/auditing MQ-message events to Windows event log?

  • 1.  Logging/auditing MQ-message events to Windows event log?

    Posted 9 days ago
    I have a customer requirement that includes logging certain messages activities to the windows event log. The win event log will then be polled for these events by a central third party logging system.
    The site has two QM in a cluster setup with version 9.1 on a win server.
    What needs to be logged is simply a timestamp, the messageId and the event. For example: msgId X put on queue Y on QM Z.
    I have looked into MQ's "Activity recording" but it looks from the docs that the the sending apps needs to change the messages for it to work. We really want to avoid having to change the sending apps. 
    So, I think I have two questions.
    1. Is it possible to set "Activity recording" or something similar on a channel, queue or mcauser so we can avoid changing how the message is created? Or does someone have any other tricks to accomplish a similar result?

    2. Is it possible for MQ to write these events to win event log? Or a CSV-file? How can that be done? Or do we need to write some code ourselves to do that?
    Thanks in advance for any input around this.

    Daniel Friberg