amqsrua PUT lock contention

  • 1.  amqsrua PUT lock contention

    Posted 7 days ago

    In MQ 9.1 LTS, there is a new tool called amqsrua that can report on CPU, DISK, STATMQI and STATQ information for a queue manager.  One of the fields for STATQ/PUT is a value called lock contention.  I assume this is the percentage of the time spent for the sampling interval (e.g. 10 seconds) where some queue lock primitive (e.g. mutex) was in use and another thread wanted to use it. 

    My question is more around if there is any guidance on what an MQ user is supposed to do with the value. 

    Is there a percentage value that is considered a warning or critical level?  For example, a value over 20%?

    Should we use this as a clue that maybe we should be adding more queues for an application to reduce lock contention?  For example, if we have 20 instances of a putting/getting application using the same queue and the lock contention is noticeable, maybe a more efficient design is having 10 instances use Q1 and 10 instances use Q2 to reduce the lock contention.

    Is this more of an internal field for IBM MQ support to look at?


    Tim Zielke