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Irritating behavior of the debugger in ACE

  • 1.  Irritating behavior of the debugger in ACE

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi all,

    after installing ACE, importing my flows, connecting to a remote integration node and starting up the debugger, the debug line in the toolkit loses synchronicity with the actual code.

    This apparently happens when the debugger encounters a comment line. If one does a line by line debugging, the debugger stops at a comment line, as if it came across a line of code. 
    After that, the position of the marker no longer matches the code.

    The behavior occurs with every source code, always after the first comment after the first break point

    Of course I made sure that the installed code matches the code in the toolkit, but it looks exactly like there is a difference.

    Before I worked with version without this occurring. The behavior only became apparent after the additional installation of the new version. In the "old" version, which still existed in parallel, it also appeared there afterwards.

    I uninstalled all versions and deleted all the remains on the disk .. (I hope) .. but after the new installation of the behavior remains.
    It works completely normally on another computer with the same source and the same remote connection.. 

    Oh.. it is a windows 10 machine.. (well both are..)

    jolly jumper

    Michael Pecka

  • 2.  RE: Irritating behavior of the debugger in ACE

    Posted 6 days ago
    - Have you tried completely new workspace ?
    - Does the debugger work properly for local (Int node running locally ) deployment?

    Raj Sethi