Toronto WebSphere Users Group


By Frank Hansen posted Wed December 16, 2015 07:41 PM


IBM Endurance

Hi All you IBM Fanatics, 

I hope you will find IMWUC (renamed from WebSphere User Group) appealing where you can find your software, or hardware development tools. Whatever you use IMWUC for - might be collaboration, updates to software, bug related issues, or other ways to improve your day to day work or might I say pleasure.

It makes sense to use a platform where someone that has been experiencing a problem or seen a solution to then share this with the community. It has helped me build my knowledge through tags and search query that enable faster response to a problem that someone has already found a solution for.

I dont hold back on sharing of information, in fact I believe the digital age will not survive without it (think Wiki)

SO I welcome everyone to share their information with a large community that in Toronto now has 868 members.

I am thrilled to lead this group of members, and hope that we will be able to accomplish great things in 2016.

All the best!

-Frank H.
Toronto Middleware User Community