IBM Kansas City & Topeka Software User Group

Update: June 30, 2017

By Garrett Lucas posted Fri June 30, 2017 07:42 AM


Hello KCSUG!

MQ Resources

For those of you who MQ, I wanted to point out a few online resources that I've found helpful (as supplements to IMWUC blogs/forums):

  • I would encourage you to sign up for MQGem's Monthly Newsletters.  Each newsletter compiles a list of "Interesting IBM MQ Links" that were posted across various sites the previous month.  If you're looking to stay current on MQ news and don't want to keep tabs on so many websites, this is a big help.
  • Nothing beats a good old list server!  The MQSERIES List Server is one of my favorite go-to resources.  You can usually find solutions to your MQ woes in their archives.  If not, shoot an email to the list and you'll likely get a quick response (it's a fairly active community).

I know that our user group (and IMWUC in general) represents many more products than MQ.  If you know of some product resources that you think others would appreciate, feel free to share!


  •  In case you missed it, the first WebSphere Liberty vPOT webinar was this past Wednesday.  Don't worry, you can still register for the July 10 webinar by going to our user group page and viewing the Upcoming Events.
  • I encourage you to take a few minutes and complete our current user group survey.  This allows me to get to know some of you and helps me get an idea of the resources available to our group.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 4th,