The winter has gone – what’s new after two months away

By Tiago Moura posted Mon July 09, 2018 09:49 PM


It was a cold and dark winter, two month with no posts. I am feeling like a decade away from my blog! Despite the joke, all these time far away from here was full of projects and cool stuff that I want to share soon with the community. Talking about the community: the new portal is incredible, great job! I did not had enough time to explore all the new menus and topics, but I find many amazing content.

Let us talk about what I have doing in the last two months, but before start let us remember on what I was working on. At Hop, we are delivering cognitive software for a while and we are facing new challenges, it was an old blog post ( and my Index session theme. So, what kind of cool stuff we were doing here in Brazil the last two months (besides supporting our national team on the world cup)?

One question on my Index session was about metrics on our process to delivery cognitive software. Since then, we ran some projects so we can produce metrics on same condition, so we can compare them. The good news is once we summarize all the data I will share some results here, however I can say that we succeed on reduce significantly the bug count and increase the number of change request we could delivery without breaking the scope. Delivering better solution on the point of view of the final user.

We are running many Watson applications over the world and another great news related with this is some experimentations we did to expand the Watson APIs capabilities. Furthermore, once I had some results that I can share, I will do so.

On the IBM Cloud perspective, my team and I wrote some tutorials on how to use some IBM Cloud service on the certain scenarios and soon as they are formatted and published I will repost here to share with you some tips and tricks that certainly will made your life on IBM Cloud easier when deploy a cloud ready app.

The last two month were incredible intensive here at Hop and our local community. In the next days, I will post new articles to keep my blog a little bit updated. If you have any query or comment, leave here or contact me on Twitter @thvmoura I will be glad to answer you.

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Mon July 16, 2018 07:26 PM

@Tiago Moura we missed you, but glad you are back!​